Move business beyond dollars.

We provide support, training, and expertise for the emerging Bitcoin and cryptocurrency financial systems.

Cryptocurrency Training for Finance Professionals

Our instructor-led training provides finance industry professionals with an introduction to the emerging cryptocurrency financial systems. By the end of this training, you’ll be able to and understand impacts to the cryptocurrency markets.







  • •   What is a cryptocurrency?
  • •   What cryptocurrencies are in the market?
  • •   What is Bitcoin? How do we explain this to clients?
  • •   Components of Cryptocurrency Systems
  • •   History of Cryptocurrency in Finance
  • •   Positive Applications of Cryptocurrency
  • •   Negative Applications of Cryptocurrency
  • •   Trading in Cryptocurreny
  • •   Mining Cyptocurrencies
  • •   Step by Step Trade Demonstration

Cryptocurrency Training For Information Technology Professionals

Train your IT department on the latest technologies and issues related to digital currency including technical concepts, APIs and security considerations.

  • •   Technical Structure of Cryptocurrencies
  • •   The Blockchain
  • •   Proof-of-work vs
        Proof-of-share Algorithms
  • •   Cryptocurrency Wallet Options
  • •   APIs and Languages
  • •   Safety and Security
  • •   Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures
  • •   CPU and GPU Mining
  • •   Cryptocurrency Products Overview
  • •   Cryptocurrency API Integration Overview